Saturday, April 9, 2011

Signs of Spring

We spent our day playing the yard; thatching and aerating the lawn, cleaning up my herb garden so it will be ready for planting, putting in new hedges and filling in a sink hole we had in the grass. It was a perfect day. The rain has stopped, the temperature was mild and while we were out we noticed several flowers are in bloom which means warmer, longer days are on the horizon!


  1. My idea of a perfect day! I absolutely love being outside again. Your flowers are so pretty! And, what a handsome pup!

  2. Wow! Lots of work but it looks great! Hooray for spring!

  3. Why is your yard sinking? Love the spring flowers and that statuesque model at the end. Murray is a good-looking dog!

  4. Why, hellllo there, handsome! :) Murray just melts me. Love him!!
    I also love the 3rd flower pic. (Tulip?) It looks like it's going to be sooo pretty when it opens up! You should do a follow up post :) Maybe you can head over to our "house to be" a few doors down and ready a garden for our spring planting too... xoxo

  5. You grow nice flowers and a nice pooch! I hope you have inspired me!