Monday, February 27, 2012

Tanner Road Elk

Murray and I went for a jog Sunday afternoon and on our way home rounded the corner and ran into these guys. A few were standing in the road just staring at us. This has happened a few times. I always debate if I should turn around, give them a lot of space, and attempt to get home later or if I should just stand there. Murray is always surprisingly respectful, doesn’t growl or want to go near the big guys. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to stand there long before they retreated back up the hill far enough for us to comfortably walk by.

Murray making a mad dash to get safely home.
We’ve lived here for five years and this is a non migratory herd of elk, so we see them on average once a month. Yet Curtis and I never get tired of watching these beautiful animals. We feel very fortunate to live where we do!

This one is sporting a few accessories.


  1. How cool is that?!? Wow, you sure do live in the sticks! Haha.

  2. How awesome! There is something so peaceful about just stopping and watching them, huh? You three are so lucky! Murray is so stinking cute...

  3. I love your pet elk! I also enjoy seeing them when I come to visit.

  4. Such rebels those elk with piercings. I love me some Tanner Road!