Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweet as Pie

My dear friend Anushka, creator of The Sweet Life!, suggested we take a pie making class together from Barbara the pie maker at St. Clouds. Anushka loves to cook and eat food just about as much as I do, so I was all for it. Plus, before today I was terribly intimidated by pie crust and hate to admit it, but up until now have been using store bought crusts. I rarely make pie (because of the crust issue) but when I do, my two favorites are pear pie and blueberry pie. But all that’s going to change. I’m now a pie master (in the making).

Barbara taught us a lot of tricks and reinforced that great kitchen tools (Cuisinart food processor, apple peeler slicer and a microplane grater) do make life easier.

The best part of her class is not only did she demonstrate for us, but we each got to make our own pie and take it home and bake it. My house is currently filled with the smell of freshly baked apple pie. It’s such a delicious smell; I wish I could bottle it!

One hint for making a pie crust: It needs to be cold! Everything from the room temperature to the butter, water and your hands! Other than that I’m not going to give anything away because I really think you should take Barbara’s class. Oh and the cool thing about Barbara? She comes to your home!


  1. Now I want pie: meat pie, pumpkin pie, potato pie, apple pie, any pie. That crust looks yu-mmy!

  2. You did not tell me that you started a blog! How fun! That pie looks great!