Monday, November 16, 2009

Dine Around Seattle

Last week my girlfriend Amy and I got together for dinner (we’ve been friends since the 1st grade) and even though I had just been there a few weeks ago, we decided to eat at Dahlia Lounge since they’re participating in Dine Around Seattle this month.

Dine Around Seattle is the perfect way to experience what otherwise may be a pricey restaurant without breaking the bank since all the participating restaurants are offering three courses for $30 during the month of November.

Amy and I indulged in a Spicy Ginger Broth soup as our starter, Egg Foo Yung with a hoisin “gravy” as our main and Murray River Salted Chocolate Budino for dessert (I’m still dreaming about that budino!). And since Dahlia is celebrating its 20th anniversary and I said the magic words to our waiter “Happy 20th Anniversary!,” I also received a free slice of their famous coconut cream pie (don’t worry, I took it home). And since Amy’s husband Brock is the head chef at Dahlia we received VIP treatment which really didn’t hurt the experience.

If I was a restaurant critic I’d give Dahlia Lounge Four Stars since it was an extraordinary dinner at a very reasonable price!

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