Monday, November 9, 2009

Elk Camp

Over Halloween weekend Curtis and I went up to White Pass to help Joe and Shirley set up their elk camp. Joe has set up his hunting camp in the exact same location for the past 50 years… and needless to say, he has “camping” down to an art!

It was pure luxury; a 16 x 24’ tent complete with a wood stove, cooking burners and a generator – so we not only had light, but also were able to blow up our aero bed! Not sure I’ll ever be able to go back to regular camping after this.

Up it goes!

Murray felt silly in his orange hunting vest, but he sure loved being in the woods!

Shirley and I were working AND supervising.

Ruby found a cozy spot to hang out inside.

It was toasty inside with that wood stove!

Even had a commode out back. All it was missing was Uncle John’s bathroom reader.

View from the outhouse.

We were thrilled to wake up to snow on Sunday morning.

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