Sunday, February 14, 2010

Look who came for breakfast!

A few weeks ago we woke up to three, HUGE critters in our back yard.

We were wondering the breed of these elk and it appears they're 100% USA grass-fed elk. Mmmmm, yummy!

In the three years we’ve lived here we’ve had elk sightings pretty consistently … but never have they hopped our fence and braved the Murray smells to come in our yard! We’re not sure why they chose our fenced lawn over the neighbors on either side without fences… except maybe the organic Murray and Gracie lawn fertilizer put our lawn deliciousness factor over the edge. Please excuse our poor picture and video quality, it was still dark out … but you’ll get the idea.

Watching these huge animals hop over our fence was like watching a human hop over a puddle; it was completely effortless (little did we know!).

Apparently they had a lunch date on the other side of the river, once they were done with breakfast they used our little trail and were off across the river!

After they left we let Murray out and he went bananas running around the yard - it was a combination of running, growling and marking. He'll show those elk!


  1. That is so awesome! Wow, I guess you do live in the sticks! Love it!

  2. I half expected to hear gunfire in the background. ;) I love that you get big critters...I want to see a bear post next!

  3. It must be gorgeous where you live for these wonderful creatures to roam freely.