Sunday, November 28, 2010

November Windstorm

We had a wild storm a few weeks ago with winds up to 60 mph. The storm took out our flag pole, one tree, power and left us with a yard and roof covered in branches. Fortunately we didn't have any damage to our house, our wood stove kept us toasty warm and we ended up with a nice wood pile.

This tree smashed through our fence

The neighbors had it much worse with five very BIG trees down

Lots of branches to clean up

All this wood will keep us warm through future storms!


  1. Crazy! Glad you found a good use for the wood and that you weren't hurt!

  2. Yikes! So glad you didn't have any damage!!

  3. Whoa -- I had no idea you guys got hit so bad! VERY glad to hear the house (and all of you) escaped damage.