Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Curly Kale with Orange Peanut Dressing

I love kale. I always throw it in soups and stir-fry’s, but I’ve never really had it raw (except in the green smoothies Hillary introduced me to) until now. My parents picked up this kale salad recipe at Whole Foods and the first time my mom made it, I couldn’t stop eating it!

I served this alongside Bridgett’s (La Bella Cook) recipe for Roasted Smoked Paprika Chicken with Spicy Chorizo and Potatoes. Dinner was Asian flavors meet Spanish – but I didn’t get any complaints! In fact this chicken is about the easiest recipe ever and while it was roasting Curtis commented at least three times how great it smelled. The only change I made to her recipe was I roasted a couple heads of garlic earlier in the day and then added the whole cloves to the chicken goodness when it came out of the oven.

Curly Kale + Roasted Chicken + Rice = One delicious weeknight dinner!

Curly Kale with Orange Peanut Dressing
Whole Foods

Curly Kale, washed and chopped

1/2 cup orange juice and grated rind from one orange
1/4 cup rice vinegar
2 T. peanut butter (fresh ground)*
2 T. raw cashew butter or almond butter*
1 t. soy sauce
1/4 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled
1/4 clove garlic**

Blend all ingredients in a high power blender until smooth. Pour over kale.

*I do love fresh peanut butter and raw almond butter, but I didn't have either so I just used regular ol' peanut butter, it was still delicious

**or more!


  1. This looks delicious! And I'm with you -- who uses a *quarter* clove of garlic?!

  2. I heard "easiest recipe ever" so save that one for Beauties! Looks yummy!

  3. Yum! I grew Kale in my garden this past summer. It grows very easily. I never thought to use it in a salad. I will file this one away... and, always looking for a new chicken recipe :)

  4. My CSA sends us a lot of kale so I'm always looking for new ideas on how to prepare it. Another tasty way to prepare kale is shredding it, tossing w/ olive oil and sea salt, then roasting on a baking sheet in the oven. Healthy kale chips- yum.

  5. That inspires me to break out of our mid-week routine of: tofu-veggie stir fry night, piece of meat and veggie night, mexican salad night, eat out, piece of fish and veggie night, eat out, crock-pot night, repeat.

  6. Oh wow, I love how you added in some roasted garlic. That must have been fabulous. I am glad you gave that recipe a go and your kale sounds delicious as well. I really need to eat more kale!

  7. I love kale, I have it growing in my garden. I will have to give this recipe a try. Glad you you gave it a go.