Monday, April 12, 2010

Playa del Carmen

Our trip to Mexico was as good as it could possibly be… spending quality time with Curtis, my parents, Jason, Silvia and Henry enjoying the sun, playing in the Caribbean, Curtis getting in three rounds of golf and eating taco after taco after taco was pure bliss!

The Team - We got to celebrate Henry's 1st Birthday while we were there:

I would have happily stayed much longer...



Of course we had to visit the Cancun Costco

The Wildlife

and Snoop was on our flight down!


  1. Wow! Looks like a great trip! That little Henry is so dang cute! Love his chubby little belly! Also, love Curtis in the cap!

  2. I could definitely use some beach time these days. I'm jealous!

  3. Between the way Henry is questioning Curtis, the wild kitty, the squirrel-looking things humping and Snoop! -- best vacay pics ever! I would happily have come visit you if you stayed forever.

  4. When *isn't* Snoop on your flight, though? I swear that guy is stalking you.

    Looks like a wonderful vacation.

  5. Where is Curtis driving us? I am so jealous and if I knew I was getting laid off I would have hopped on a flight and met you down there. I love the pics, Henry is adorable.

  6. Great pics! I am in love with baby Henry. So cute!!

  7. It looks gorgeous, I can't believe all the animals you saw--and holy cow...Snoop?!