Monday, April 26, 2010

Taco Tuesday

Hillary e-mailed me this morning to ask if we have Taco Tuesday at our house. And along with her question she sent me a link to this New York Times Article: Tinkering with Taco Night. I’ll be trying all these recipes starting with Soft Tacos with Sauteed Winter Squash and Chipotles.

To answer Hillary’s question; I love having a reason to eat specific food, i.e. Mexican for Cinco de Mayo, Dungeness crab or lobster on our anniversary and Valentine’s Day, corned beef, shepherd’s pie and Irish soda bread for St. Patty’s day and of course tacos on Tuesday. We’re not religious about it, but many Tuesdays you can expect tacos for dinner at the Adamson abode.

We like fish tacos best, then shrimp tacos, followed by Trader Joe’s carne asada with feta, green onions and chilies, sometimes we mix it up with chicken, black beans and caramelized onions and every now and then Curtis makes REAL tacos like his mom used to make – iceberg lettuce, ground beef, cheddar cheese and hot sauce. Our fridge is always stocked with tortillas and Coastal cheddar cheese. And I’ve never been above late night Taco Bell – sometimes it just hits the spot!

We mostly wash our tacos down with a good cold beer, but when we’re feeling extra swanky or the weather is nice enough to eat on the deck we pair our delicious, tortilla wrapped creations with fresh margaritas.

The best tacos we’ve ever had were grouper, pineapple, banana and pico de gallo at Ana y Jose in Tulum. Pictured above.

What’s your favorite kind of taco? And will you be eating them this Tuesday?


  1. I think my fear of screwing up cooking fish means my tacos (soft usually) are almost always chicken or ground turkey with black beans, onions and peppers--and lots of sour cream & avocado.

    That squash & chipotle recipe looks *amazing*!

    & Curtis' mom's version is the same as my mom's version. Too funny.

  2. Mine are definitely shrimp tacos with a chipotle sauce. The spicier, the better!

  3. We just enjoyed Taco Friday with TJ's carne asada which you introduced me to. Love it. I also love the shout out to St. Paddy's corned beef and sheperd's pie!

  4. All the food sounds fantastic!

    I work for Ford Farm and we supply the Coastal Cheddar to the USA.

    Can we post your Coastal recipes on our new web site?

    Contact me

  5. I'm a big fan of Tyler Florence's Mexican Pot Roast Tacos. They are probably my favorite right now. We are not religious about having tacos on Tuesday but it's always fun when it happens. We are, however, religious about having tacos on our weekly meal plan.

  6. I am going to make tacos tonight in your honor ... not sure which kind yet. We went deep-sea fishing in the Keys a few years ago and caught a ton of Grouper. It's so good -- wish I could get my hands on some right now!

  7. Though we love a good taco in the Hill-Stach home, can't say we are regular about eating them. In a slightly related note, I was really pleasantly surprised by the Taco Truck I discovered on 12th Ave, in the ID, just north of the Jose Rizal Bridge.