Saturday, September 17, 2011

End of Summer Activities

In an effort to offset all our eating and drinking Curtis and I participated in a few activities over the past couple of weeks.

Curtis rode the Cartridge Family’s 40 mile long Bike for Banchero ride. It was a great event; very challenging ride and fun having several of our friends involved. I enjoyed being a photographer and working the water stop. And Kristi very generously donated her massage services and was there at the end of the route for the tired, sore bikers. Thanks to Kelly for all his hard work putting on yet another cool event!

After Curtis’ bike ride we hustled to Enumclaw as fast as we could for the 3rd annual Breidenbach Bocce Tournament. We went into this event without training and were playing bocce ball late into the night. It was an official tournament with brackets and good money prizes at stake. Curtis and I had tons of fun and luckily both walked away with some cash!

The Breidenbach's don’t mess around. This was an official, very well lit, double bocce course!

Showing good sportsmanship in the champion round

Over Labor Day weekend we couldn’t find an organized 5K to run, so we put together our own “I LOVE ME (the "ME" stood for Missy & Emily) 5K” / fun run. Everyone who was hanging out for the weekend participated in one way or another and we all ran knowing there would be Bloody Mary’s waiting for us at the end! It’s the most fun I’ve ever had “running” and I was very impressed with our 8 year old nephew Ryan, who not only ran it, but smoked us!

Ready? Set. Go!

Crossing the finish line!

Celebratory Bloody Mary's - thanks, Curtis!

The last weekend in August, Kristi and I swam 1.4 miles across Lake Washington in the Children’s Hospital Park to Park swim. I learned slow and steady doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to win the race, but lucky for me it wasn’t a race and I enjoyed the long swim. Kristi, on the other hand, rocked it (she's much faster than I am)! She's been my swimming inspiration. This is an event I’d like to do again and now that I know I can swim that far, my goal is to turn it up a notch! Thanks to my awesome mother-in-law, Molly, who kayaked along side us every time we practiced our open water swims.
During our happy hours down by the river Curtis has been working on building dams. He managed to block off enough water so that we have pools to sit in. Who knew we’d have gorgeous weather and would be sitting in the river in September? I’m not sure if this counts as a calorie burning activity but moving rocks (and watching Curtis move rocks) is awfully hard!

Murray likes to dig for golf balls in the pools

"Hot tubs" at home ~ It's just like being at the spa

Next up, Missy and I are running (ahem, jogging!) the AIDS 5K. It’s a cause that’s important to me and if you’d like to donate, you can do so here. She’s been my virtual running partner and our plan/goal is to continue signing up for 5K’s so we’ll have to keep up our jogging.

One more event I’d like to do, but can’t because it conflicts with the AIDS 5K is the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk. Another charity that’s important to me and if you’d like to donate you can do it for Al’s Pals here.

Cheers to fall. We're looking forward to comfort food, Sunday football and hopefully staying a little active!


  1. Wow! You have been busy! And, it seems like you have a lot of very fun friends! Love your little river pools.

  2. Busy bee's! It looks like an amazing end to the summer. Good show, Adamson's!! xo

  3. What?! You have pools and I haven't been invited over yet? Love the wrap up post and bring on the comfort food! We're jogging, we deserve it...

  4. Wow! Super impressive and fun!
    P.S. nice spandex, Curtis

  5. Love hearing about your weekend! I can't wait to run with you soon!