Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring Forward

We’ve had a really busy, yet fun, spring – it’s flown by! Below is a quick re-cap (I did a good job of pairing just one photo with each event!). Our plan now is to make no plans. We look forward to spending most of our summer weekends in town enjoying our yard, local friends and cooking at home!

Santa Barbara weekend

Selene Rendezvous in Roche Harbor

Celebrating Murray's 3rd Birthday

Megan's road trip - Olympic View stop

Wine Tasting in Woodinville for Kirsten's bachelorette party

Kate Funke tied the knot!

We were lucky enough to celebrate Mother's Day with both our moms! Click here for the Cocktail recipe.

Curtis met some happy pigs at Niman Ranch in Iowa

Annual spring trip to Walla Walla


  1. Looks like you've been having a very fun time! Great pictures!

  2. What a fun spring! And it looks like it never rains in the NW in your photos lol. Keep selling it girl. ;)

  3. You have been busy this spring and it looks as if you had a wonderful time. I love all of your photos!

  4. One happy family! and your dog smiling happily on his birthday. How cute!