Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smoked Salmon Bloody Mary

A little while back I labeled my posts so I’d have an index of all the recipes I’ve put up. Curtis and I were looking through it and laughing because, beside all the cookies, it doesn’t really represent us and what we eat. On average our weekly rotation includes salmon stir fry, tacos (every kind), soup (especially during the winter months) and pasta (with Italian sausage, caramelized onions and mascarpone. and maybe a veggie or two mixed in). I guess when I post it’s usually because I’ve tried something new and I think you may want to try it as well. And I’m sure you’d like our staples, they are our main meals for a reason, but they just don’t seem exciting enough to write about and photograph.

This following recipe is not one I think many of you will actually replicate. It won’t have the same nostalgia for you as it does for us and let’s face it, smoked salmon vodka is not a staple in most liquor cabinets. But this blog is also a journal so I’m posting it for myself to have as reference and to remember where and when we came across the recipe.

The last town we stopped in, in Alaska, before heading out to sea was Petersburg. It’s amazing when you either haven’t been around civilization or you’re about to leave all of a sudden all you want to do is shop, spend money and eat out. So we did just that, we got up early and I drug poor Curtis into every single store (don’t worry, he found things to buy and I didn’t) and never mind our boat was provisioned well enough to feed ten people for three months, we decided to hit a local hole in the wall for breakfast to sample their Smoked Salmon Bloody Mary’s and some of the best (and spiciest) Chilaquiles I’ve ever had.

After seeing signs proudly promoting Smoked Salmon Bloody Mary’s, my first thought was “Eww, gross, but we should try it!” I really thought we were going out on a ledge with this Bloody Mary and it had the potential to be nasty, but when in Rome… so I was pleasantly surprised when it was one of the BEST bloodies I’ve ever had.

We’ll never give up our Ultimate Bloody Mary recipe, but every now and then when we want to relive our trip and have a little taste of Alaska, or mix things up a bit, this is where we’ll turn.

Smoked Salmon Bloody Mary

Courtesy Kito’s Kave ~ Petersburg, AK

The Drink

Smoked Salmon Vodka

Demitri’s BloodyMary Seasoning (Available from our friends at

Spicy V-8 Tomato Juice

Pepper Juice (from cherry pepper jar)

The Flair

Salt & Johnny’s – for the rim

Cipollini Onions


Peppadew Peppers

Salmon Jerky (to use as a stir stick)

Rim a tall glass with salt and a pinch of Johnny’s seasoning. Mix vodka, Demitri’s seasoning, V-8 and pepper juice in a shaker filled with ice. Give it a shake shake and pour it in the rimmed glass and garnish with an onion, olive (we left this out, C does NOT do olives), peppadews and salmon jerky as a stir stick (when we recreated at home, we just used a pepperoni stick … don’t worry the smoked salmon vodka still gave it a nice smoky flavor). And since we had them in our fridge, we threw in pickled green beans too.

Jason, Henry and Dad heading into Petersburg in the rain

Leaving Petersburg


  1. I'll take either the Ultimate or the Salmon after the ME 5K. Oh, and you should post your stuffed acorn squash recipe...and invite me over to approve its blog worthiness. :)

  2. You are braver than I am.I don't know about this one :)

  3. Salmon is one of the ten super foods that helps you lose weight and shrink belly fat. Does that mean if I drink one of these every night I will be skinny again in no time?

  4. I love your alaska pics - it looks like an amazing tip! I have something to add to your bloody mary recipes but you will have to wait for me to finally post!

  5. I somehow missed this post!!! I love that you and Curtis have such a bond over food & drink. It's quite adorable. And, I am having a very difficult time imagining a salmon flavored bloody mary.

  6. Love it! Thanks for the support!!